About Us

Most websites and applications today require people to register and log in to the account before using the service. The login usually asks users for their personal information (such as name, phone number, email, address, and etc...) and password, which sometimes makes users worry whether the login page they are on is official or not. LoginNote, therefore, was born to help people select the correct login pages and login portals with high reliability.

How LoginNote Helps Users?

Find out the official login portals

Combined with the automated system, our team is working to find the correct login pages of websites as well as online applications. We expect to give our users peace of mind with every login. 

Recommend Pages of Login Help

LoginNote also recommends for users helpful pages providing login help. These help properly login steps, login notes, and conditions...  Optimizing users' login process is the main goal of us.

Bring Peace of Mind

Loginnote's team knows the common concerns people have when using online services. Personal information leaking, illegally profile collecting and many more problems always make people hesitate. With the current working, we will be an ideal solution for those issues.  

Our Vision

In the nearest future, we hopefully develop the website to further optimize the login experience of users. We target a safer and more ensured solution in order to bring peace of mind to people. 

Further, becoming the start of any login is our big dream.